Start a new Era with Marsha.

Get Marsha to enable a various set of tools for your server, whether it is for the moderation side of your community, it's management and things you will discover along when using the bot!

What do I need to get Marsha?

You have below the four conditions to have Marsha on your server.


You need a minimum of 1,000 members on your community, or be a partner/certified Discord server.


A community not based on giveaways, selling services/ads, invites rewards etc. or violating Discord's ToS.


The person requesting access to the bot must be an administrator. (not the permissions, but the role)


We need at least one person (ideally the owner), or an administrator for security reasons and fast support.

Why do I have to make a request to get Marsha?

For the time being, we prefer a restricted access to Marsha, therefore on demand, in order to be able to offer the best experience and the best performance to all Marsha owners.

The applications are managed by the Marsha community team and fully supervised by Hugo and Maks, the creators of Marsha.

We are here for you, do not hesitate to contact us for any request related to Marsha, here is a list of all our means of contact:

Don't hesitate to join our Discord server to get Marsha's news and all her updates. Our server is also a way to meet our users to know more about their way of using Marsha but especially to have feedbacks to improve Marsha.

You don't meet the conditions?

You don't have yet the necessary conditions to have Marsha but you wish to have Marsha for your community, you can send us an email to [email protected] in order to present us your request.

It's time for you to apply.

With Marsha, get a unique moderation experience by implementing our different tools to create a healthy and efficient ecosystem within your server.