Frequently asked questions

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How to configure the bot?
To configure the bot, you only have to go on the dashboard, and have fun setting the bot with the various options.
How to add the bot on my server?
All you have to do is fill out an add form, and it will be validated or not by an administrator. To be accepted, all you have to do is respect the conditions of addition.
What are the conditions to be validated?
All the conditions necessary to be validated are all indicated on the following page: Conditions of additions.
How to contact us?
To contact us, e-mail us at [email protected], or on our Discord: Marsha's Lab
Where can I find all the indications to use the bot?
A documentation is available to help you in the use of the bot.
Is the bot available in several languages?
For the moment, the bot is only available in English, however, in the future, we may add languages little by little.

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